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Royal Canin
  • Royal Canin Dog Maxi Adult Dog Food -15kg

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15kg Royal Canin Dog Maxi Adult Dog Food

Brand: Royal Canin Product code: 15kg Royal Canin Dog Maxi Adult Dog Food
In Stock: Yes Product weight: 15.00 Kg
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Product details

Royal Canin Dog Maxi Adult is the ultimate feed for large dogs (from 26 to 44 kg) over 15 months old. Its specific formula containing an increased percentage of high quality proteins (33%) and L-carnitine is the perfect support for muscle mass condition if your dog receives regular activity as well as promoting optimal digestion thanks to a balanced supply of dietary fiber. Its also helps support large breed dogs' bones and joints placed under stress and coat condition as it is enriched with EPA-DHA. This kind of product is also very practical as ready to use, all you have to do is to serve the recommended amount in your dog's bowl. Ensure to provide enough water when feeding your dog with kibbles. Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health nutrition, with the mission of constantly brings pets' nutrition to the next level.


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