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  • Eukanuba Adult Daily Care Sensitive Skin Dry Dog Food

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Eukanuba Adult Daily Care Sensitive Skin Dry Dog Food

Brand: Eukanuba Product code: Eukanuba Adult Daily Care Sensitive Skin Dry Dog Food
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Product details

If your dog has a dry and scaly skin or dull fur, this Eukanuba Adult Daily Care Sensitive Skin Dry Dog Food is ideal for him. This dog feed diet is specially formulated to limit ingredients that may cause itching and scratching. Plus, it supports healthy skin and promotes natural healing process. The balanced ratio of essential nutrients provides the optimum daily amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for a happy, healthy dog.

Contains two major sources of protein i.e. fish and eggs that minimize the risk of skin irritation from protein. This dog diet is enriched with valuable FOS prebiotics and essential antioxidants (Vitamin A, C, E and carnetoids) for natural regeneration of healthy cells and a healthy immune system.

The clinically proven balanced ratio of Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and shiny fur. Developed by Oral B with experts in dental health, 3D DentaDefense kibble mechanically removes plaque and with the help of micro-cleaning crystals can reduce the build-up of new plaque by up to 80% within 28 days.

Regular physical activity and top quality animal protein will help your dog to have a muscular figure. L-carnitine improves the metabolism, easy-to-digest proteins and beet fibre help in the absorption of nutrients and encourage a healthy digestion.

The experts of Petessentials4u recommend of giving this 100% complete, quality nutrition to your wingman and help him to look and feel great again. Results may vary due to the consumption needs. No artificial colours, aromas or preservatives!

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